ArtRave Mall ~ Family Friendly Site, Gallery, Forum, Blogs, Shop by Categories, Products, Prices

ARTRAVE MALL – Family Friendly Art – over 130 categories & more

ArtRave is a ‘Family Friendly Site’ of more than 300 artists worldwide that create, present, share and sell ‘Family Friendly Art” for home and office.

ArtRave is the bests place for all emerging online artists to come and learn how to show and sell their art online.Basic Membership is FREE.

It is where artists and viewers with high family values can come and view art & photography from around the world in a safe environment. All art on ArtRave is pre-screened to be certified family friendly and kid safe!

ArtRave has free memberships for all ages as well as there is no age directory for predators! It is not a dating site and scammers/spammers are banned.

The ArtRave Mall is now open and growing with directories of links to members shops at many well known online sites, such as:

Cafe Press,
Fine Art America,
Greeting Card Universe,

and to many artists direct websites~! It saves viewers time and frees them from the worries as to what art they may find as they can link directly into art on those sites through our member’s directory of recommended sites~! This is a free service of ArtRave.

We have art listed in over 130 topical categories and by price ranges as well.

We have more resources for those looking to commission artists for special projects. There is a choice of portrait artists that work from photos and can do composite artwork as well as pet portraits and a whole lit more~!

ArtRave Mall artists have their work available in various print forms from wall hangings, household items to clothing and more. You can find custom designed IPad , IPhone , Cell Phone covers to Laptop skins and keychains~!

Customize your orders and ship gifts and greeting cards with the click of your mouse! You can speak directly with artists with no middle men. Artists can sell and ship art directly to you or wherever you want them shipped~!

If you need to send a greeting card or special occasion card out in a hurrly, check out our Greeting Card Universe directory, click on an artist you like there and you will be brought to their GCU shop in a flash to select and complete your order and have your card customized and mailed for you without having to leave your desk~!

If you want to send a gift such as a coffee mug, an apron, a framed print, calendar or even a skateboard ~ you can find them select what you want and order online and have the item shipped to wherever you want and to whomever you want.

Come browse the ArtRave Mall & Gallery today . “

Find the Art you have been searching for~!”


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