ArtRave SuperCenter’s Unique Printing Service is available for all~!

I just made this messenger bag with a photo of my artwork in under 3 minutes~!

The more I explore my new ‘domain’ the more I realize its potential is almost limitless~!

You dont even have to join to get discounted art products made as there is a whole section for the DO-IT-YOUR-SELFERS~! You can have your favorite photos turned in to Gallery quality masterpieces with a few clicks of your mouse and your painting is on its way~!

Or do you like custom messenger bags? How would you feel about designing your own?

We have customizable messenger bags that sell for over $150 at the ‘other’ PODs  but we sell them  to you direct, made to order by you using our upload tool and easy design software to create just the right look you want.

Now only $47 ~! Your bag will be in the mail within 48 hours and on its way to you~!

Just go to this link and see for yourself. Compare the style and sizes to the popular PODs and you wont find one this size for under $100

This site gets more exciting the more I explore  it~! Sure I got it for my artists friends but my family and other friends are getting all excited too~!!  You can even have a photo printed on balloons for a party.  You can have a shower curtain made for 1/3 or more less that the other make them for. I know as I was selling shower curtains through a store I have on another POD. I never knew I could find so many things so inexpensively and hassle free.


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