Thankyou to all ArtRave Artists & Supporters ~!

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou~!!!

Relaxed day taking a break from my data entry work on & both sites I own & operate so they they consume most of my time as they grow. yesterday AR surpassed 100,000th page views & this week we shall reach our 50,000th unique visitor~!!

Developing AR2 [SuperCenter sales of over 584 customizable items] & interlinking with my AR! [ArtRave] Promotionals is only the start of now bringing Family Friendly artists together with the public – worldwide- enabling decency in art with family values to join the ranks of the art world community, setting us apart, being unique, taking a stand against depravity that permeates most of the art world today.

Conservative, christian-based standards, beholding to none, ArtRave & ArtRave SuperCenter are a part of a vision being realized.

Having my ArtRave sites surge as they are joined together, now over these passed few days, being now that its my birthday, have only added more significance to me as an artist and art promoter and artist helping other artists worldwide, to present their art and art products that stand approved, suitable for all ages and viewing audiences and now as of this week, can be purchased on my new AR2 at below the price of any POD online~!

Together with other like minded, moral minded, family friendly artists worldwide, we now have at our fingertips a way to help place our art into the homes of those who likewise want to have their homes, offices and businesses display art that also reflects their own moral standards in their communities.

Let all who buy ArtRave Art know that they are not only buying art & art products but also making a statement that , yes, we do believe making a n the difference choosing right over wrong, good over evil, refusing ro compromise and co-exit even online, not displaying our art alongside any evil or deviant art.

Anyone coming to will see a wide variety of art works available to the public – but will not see a cross in urine, will not see [‘NEA’s] approved trash, will not see anything that dishonors God or His people.

All Art on ArtRave can be shown to children to parents, to friends, to anyone as all our art celebrates the creativity of artists without any negative agendas.

All art is positive, uplifting and stress relieving~!While up til now I have been searching for art and artists that work within the guidelines of a similar standard in doing their art.

ArtRave has now achieved what many religions and political views have not.ArtRave transcends both politics and religion , focusing on inner core values of individual artists and viewers – sharing a common thread – common human decency – common concern for fellow man – common choice to create postiive beautiful art that while done in each artist’s own unique styles, reflect the glory of God’s creation and celebrate life, liberty and freedom worldwide.

Seeing this all come together, now on my 59th birthday, make this to be my most memorable day and I thank all those who have been a part of it and all those who have supported the concept of it and all those who have helped it to become a reality.

We are #1 in Google

We are in the Top 1% endorsed for Art in the USA

Thankyou all and please visit my ‘s Design-Your-Own and see all the many wonderful things you can create just fom your own photos~!! Pre-launch specials now include making canvas prints of photos at below wholesale prices~ I want to see people using this great opportunity that was presented to me and that I can now share with the world.

You can create and ship any of over 584 items made from your own photos – iphone cases, cups, ties, shirts, clocks, watches, jewelry, decorations, and so much more to use for unique personalized gifts and so much more.

I am excited to be able to finally make a way for artists and the public to obtain the art they have been searching for on products they can afford.

Wow, am I focused on my work, mission and purpose, or what? LOL



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