ArtRave’s Ave Hurley has auctions on Ebay to benefit relief orgs helping in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

I have just listed a few dozen ebay auctions with reduced priced art and art products to go to some of the relief organizations in Tacloban and surrounding areas that are already helping.
While I am waiving my own costs and not seeking to profit or exploit this terrible human situation, I have things to donate which can be converted to money on ebay & by listing them with the Ebay Giving Works, the money will go to where it belongs and is needed.
I will continue to liquidate art and art products below costs so that those who are doing holiday shopping can do both their shopping, find great deals [many are doing this not just me] while a portion of the proceeds will go to the relief organizations.
I have donated what funds I could to the Team Rubicon and also to the Samaritan’s Purse as they are on the ground right now working to help save people in the Philippines. I pray for all the victims, I empathize with their suffering & wish the aid they need so desperately begins to flow in there faster. They are on islands, with no where to run when things like this happens,.As bad as tornadoes and hurricanes are here in the US at least people can run and there are enough to help when needed, despite how hard things are getting for many here in the US, we still have it better than people who are suffering in places like the Philippines. Anyone can just go on Ebay and go look up their Giving Works and they have listed many great organizations that are helping in t he Philippines now and if you cant donate something to benefit them, perhaps you can see something you might like to buy and can benefit them by making purchases designated to help them.

Thankyou 🙂


Here is the content of one of my auctions as I am releasing Sunset of Hope in continental postcard size limited edition, signed and numbered .

As of Nov 22,2013 there have been reports of over 5235 men women and children who have been confirmed dead as a result of Typhoon Haiyan. An estimate varies from 3-5 Million people who have been displaced as their homes and possession were destroyed. Infrastructure to the many island towns and cities in the typhoon’s path revealed utter devastation of epic proportions.

Due to the nature and vastness of the destruction, relief efforts had been greatly hampered. Still unknown amount of people, an estimate of at least 1600 remain missing and now presumed dead.Survivors left with rubble and decaying bodies, many still buried beneath the rubble. The stench, lack of water, food, medicine and shelter has presented a more dire need that cries out to the world for help as this is more than any nation could bare alone, especially an impoverished nation such as the Philippines.

Meanwhile during its aftermath, we experienced some devastating storms here in the United States, tornadoes that tore through the midwest, creating surreal landscapes similar to some seen in the Philippines.Despite the storms of the Midwest, Americans like many others in the world, already stretched to their limits during this difficult economic time, with approaching holiday season and high unemployment is digging deep into their pockets as well as various charitable groups are rallying and going to meet and help the victims both in the Philippines and here in the Midwest, to alleviate some of their suffering.

Samaritan’s Purse, an organization run by Franklin Graham, who has gone to numerous calamities such as Haiti and Hurricane Sandy, to help as needed, providing labor, water, food , medical supplies and comfort are on the ground in the Philippines working in cooperation with other relief agencies, along with the ex military, EMTs & SAR experts of Team Rubicon are out with the survivors helping them to get their lives started over. Doctors Without Borders and WHO and many others are there from many nations,lending assistance.There are numerous organizations [too many to name them all] sending in relief workers coordinating their efforts with other relief agencies, together, trying rising to meet the needs of the Philippino people, as well as teams deployed here in the US helping the people in the areas devastated by last week’s tornado outbreak.

Their efforts and willingness to help are commendible and courageous. What they need to keep on helping is funding so that they can continue helping.

While many of us have given nominal donations, its going to take alot to help reestablish 5-6 Million people to be able to rebuild their lives.

That is why I am join in with Ebay Giving Works and selecting various organizations that are on the ground and helping the people and why I am designating my auctions to donate as much as possible towards the relief efforts.Many others are also donating auctions to help, so if you are shopping on ebay please look up the Ebay Giving Works auctions and bid on them.

I have items which I have cut their prices in half to auction, to provide donations to these agencies as well as to provide art and art products at reduced costs so that those who are currently shopping for holiday gifts, can find the bargains they seek while helping those in need.

In this auction, I am offering a special edition of my artwork called “The Sunset of Hope” that I digitally painted after my former husband died.I painted it during my time of grief and to me it depicts hope for tomorrow with a vibrant sunset in the bay having both a light house and a monolithic cross guarding the mouth of its harbor.

In this special limited edition of hand signed and numbered continental size art postcards, which were printed on acid free card stock and are meant for framing, the reverse side is in grayscale with its title, my name and contact info.

I am offering this as a simple thankyou,  for helping to send relief to people who are in dire need of help and will need help for the foreseeable future.

At least 75% of the proceeds from this auction will go directly to the relief agency or organization mentioned above.  

Each art postcard will be signed both front and back and also numbered and dated on the back.The remainder will cover the print company’s cost, ebay & paypal fees and shipping to the winner. I am not doing this for any profit ,as it is my desire to help these people, both in the Philippines and the Midwest, as the organizations I am selecting, are helping in both places as, well as in other places where people have been devastated by some natural calamites.

Thankyou for your generosity in helping others who need your help and not turning away from them.

As of Nov 18th this map shows the path of the typhoon and many of the places affected.



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