No Problem At Our Rallies? Really Liar Ted and Little Rubio?


rubio 10322772_830414147105395_8061754885189951865_n

Cruz and Rubio boast of no problems at their rallies while the real rhetoric that could start violence if Trump supporters and independent thinkers were to have no control over their conscience and moral ethics would be outrage over being called Nazi’s over and over and over again at Cruz town halls by Beck, along with their candidate being called Hitler.  It would be Ben Carson voters attacking Cruz for his election fraud in Iowa, and CNN at the throat of Cruz for calling them a liar and blaming them for his own election fraud. It would be the all out battle against the lies and smears of Cruz and his liar campaign ads and his attacks that are nothing but lies against Trump and Trump supporters.

cruz imagesV0KNEZ1R

Then we have little cabana boy Rubio who loves to tell dirty jokes about penis size on the campaign trail hoping that will…

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