Trump & Falwell Jr ~Why are Some throwing Stones about Pic on a wall?

Pitbull Politics- Trump for ALL Americans

falwell trumpGod doesnt always choose a Christian to lead a nation but he sometimes chooses a leader who will be beneficial to Christians, while being beneficial to all other people as well.
To be leader of a nation like ours, there are promises or concessions that need to be made to people from all walks of life to bring about harmony and assure that rights are equally protected.
Many people grow up nominally supporting the faith of their fathers, which doesnt mean they are holy rollers of biblical scholars, just that they associate themselves with their forefathers core values despite how cosmopolitan they may actually live, many remember things from youth such as to not hurt or lord it over others or to not steal or murder. Certainly alot of it is commonsense towards humanity which enables most religions to coexist peacefully based on the concepts of human…

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