About ArtRevu – Where ArtRave Artists need to go to get started online~!

There will always be frequent updates and changes ongoing til we get ArtRevu.com
into the position that is the most user friendly for both artists and viewers.

So for now it may sometimes seem bit confusing you can always find great family friendly art  and links to sites selling our artists beautiful artworks.

Any artist that is trying to learn to self promote online while simultaneously allowing artists to sell direct to people commission free and cross promote all their other art related sites.
ArtRevu is ever evolving.

As I get the time to learn new internet ways, venues and other places to promote our gallery art,  I share it with the group, usually via the Forum’s How-To-Do’s with screenshot instructions or slideshows and multiple links.

Whatever it takes to raise the Google rankings that bring more people to view our art, I try to do.

WE have been known to get more average hits  per artist than larger sites like Fine Art America~!!

That was proven over a year ago through Google when we actually made #1 in their art searches for over a month and were red starred~!

ArtRevu also formerly known as ArtRave ~is for all levels of family friendly artists.

We have children showing & selling their hand made items like a young homeschooler from the Bronx that has her own Etsy Shop and hand crochets baby items and a disabled artist jewelrymaker that makes custom jewelry to order at home.We have artists that work from photos who can render lifelike portraits in pencil, pen or paint.
ArtRave is for the established seasoned internet artists as well as emerging online artists and the site continues to grow to meet more needs so I suppose it would be confusing to beginners here.

We have member artists from around the globe~ such as an Egyptian artist who paints still lifes that look like they could be like a Rembrant~

As ArtRevu grows some parts become somewhat automated or automatic when I can develop the html to cooperate, lol.. I wish I could automate it all for everyone, but it takes alot of background work to keep this site growing and maintaining productivity.
Thats why I tell most people to start out by taking the free membership and just use their new webpage and the ArtRave Categories to show & sell their art, while they explore the many facets of ArtRave and join the appropriate listing clubs and categories to promote their art from…

For those wanting more, then they can explore the site and most of it can be done for free, but yes it is time consuming~ but the rewards are worth it to those serious about selling online.

For those who either cant do much with computers or dont have the time to do their own promotions, I have a sort of clinic in the form of membership upgrades that collectively by having members in certain groups or clubs  I can promote their work simultaneously on blogs, permalinks, other websites and advertise them on sites like Twitter, Squidoo, WordPress, Netlog and more.
You can help us to grow and promote family friendly artists online  to sponsor and Donate to ArtRevu~

Then for others who are seasoned artists with multiple websites, it serves as an online hub for all their online art activities, where they not only can quickly link to all their websites but enables viewers to follow them all over the web as well through the cross promotions. I keep clubs for many of the major artsites that viewers can refer to and then click on the direct links provided to bring viewers to those sites to the artist’s direct pages. This helps in selling art as well.

I have initiated a banner advertising program that works independently of ArtRave that also helps artists to get their work known by having their banners placed all over the net~ Banner companies often charge as much as $99 a  year plus up to $.35 per click on their banner advertising but I charge a flat rate of only $25 per year, just to help artists get known online~!

While many sites have a spotlight on their front page, they often charge $7 or more per day like Etsy does and often they will rotate banner like ads of over 100-1000 per day which decreases chances of being viewed whereas I limit the Spotlight to no more than 100 images at a time and  making the ArtRave GallerySpotlight the best deal online.

It doesnt stop there, as ArtRevu  Group Shops hosts the slideshows used which is also planted in permalinks and other sites online, so the exposure is extensive.

So no matter what you are seeking to meet your art needs online, explore ArtRevu or drop me a line here and I can link you up where you need to go to find out what you need to :))


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