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I joined Ebid several years ago after already being on Ebay and still am there as well.

Its a smaller auction site but about 2 yrs ago I noticed it was finally taking shape. I had a few sales there several years back but was a free member so chose to upgrade to a paid membership and with it got 5 stores~! Lifetime membership – cant go wrong with that.

I like Ebay BUT their stores are monthly rentals and that gets a bit pricey especially during lean times when sales are down.

Also since I built my website[ ArtRave.com] and began adding individual paypal buttons to sell some items and made tutorials to show other members how to do the same, it  was letting members post and sell from my site with no strings attached, it was just too tedious and for some too difficult. Needing a checkout system was becoming more important. My host [Ning, then Glam] didnt provide a checkout under the plan I  had, so finding an alternative led me back to Ebid.

On ArtRave, my focus was on helping other artists to get started online. For those wanting to use certain stores or auction sites, I helped them to promote wherever they were selling at and told them how to get started.

A while back,  I began to work on my own stuff again and was buying and selling jewelry as well as trying to sell my art and art products. I had paypal buttons for some items on ArtRave,  but the time involved was becoming too much, so I opted to find a venue where I could sell and then tab it into ArtRave to make it easier, selling again on Etsy and Ebay and then back to Ebid as well.

Well, Ebid was offering a one-time charge for a Lifetime memberships with 5 free stores, so I considered it and thought okay, I can do this and wont have to make the Paypal buttons as they had a dedicated checkout system in place and it was only 2-3% sales fee on sold items and listing was free with the lifetime membership.

I began listing but only being partially saavy to some things online I just left ArtRave intact and began listing into my new ebid stores, after upgrading to life time member.
I have ben slowing down the last couple of years, health issues mainly the cause, I suppose as well as age… ugh hate to admit it but I am getting older and feeling it as well, lol..

So my new focus was listing in my  ebid stores~

Good thing too  as I ran into a problem with my ArtRave.com site thanks to none other than LadyGaga~

She started a new pop tour and used the names ArtRave ArtPop

As a result her 80 million or so fans began writing me on ArtRave  and finding family friendly art, they were not so favorable and let me know in no uncertain ways.they were ticked at me being on the other end of their search terms from google.
They were ignorant of the fact that I own ArtRave.com [and most of the social sites including  tumblr] for years before gaga named her tour using the name ArtRave, so they began harassing me.

I then instead of suing her, to stop using the word ArtRave , I bought ArtRevu and began changing the site and my 10000s of links online to ArtRevu, while still owning the AttRave sites I have. That made me want to focus more on facebook and moving my members to facebook as well as many didnt want to post their art under the keyword ArtRave anymore since google would show their family friendly art alongside decadent pictures of and or by ladygaga. Easier for us to move than make a stink and in a few years she will have some other keyword online and ours will go back to normal.Its old news already,

Now a new problem has arose with our host. They have failed to keep their platform uptodate so now its time to close the site and move it elsewhere.

For the time being it will be hosted here on wordpress but it wont be the same however so I will be developing it and finding a new home for ArtRevu.

At least my Ebid stores will remain the same 🙂 for now….





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