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Using Ebid to sell online is a great way to go~ Check this out~!

How about this?
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If you join Ebid as a free member you can buy or sell on there like on Ebay only the prices are lower when you sell No cost to be a member and I get buddy points  so please sign up thru my link [which will help me with my store site fees and listing costs at no cost to you].
You can even list your Art from places like Fine Art America /Zazzle/RB  etc and your other art and  print items there for sale and just order the item for your customer at the close of auction. This is a great way to sell your art and other items~!

AHP-102 Castle Yard In Winter by Ave Hurley Large Flano Cushion Case (Two Sides)

AHP-102 Castle Yard In Winter by Ave Hurley Large Flano Cushion Case (Two Sides)

Tenant House by Ave Hurley –

Castle Yard In Winter by Ave Hurley Large Flano Cushion Case -Two Sides

Product Details

The front of this cushion case is customized with my painting. The soft cloth material will have you cuddling, and perhaps stroking, it all day long. It measures about 20″ x 20″ and can easily be inserted with standard size cushions.

This cushion case is a  full bleed print created by our most advanced digital printing technology and features a hidden zipper closure. The case is made of flano (100% polyester), which makes it soft, cuddly and perfect for snuggling up to.

Position of the opening may vary from product to product depending on printing but is along a seam that is hidden

Upon receipt of payment, I will send printing layout  order to the printers and your item item will be created within 48 hrs of arrival, dried, packed and shipped directly to you.

It may arrive in as little as 5 days but shipping times do vary so it can in some cases take up to  7-18 days depending on postal volume.

Expedited Fedex Air [$32.99] is available which ensures receiving item in less than 7 days and can be shipped directly to any intended recipient if gift giving, just contact me prior to paying for instructions and a revised invoice..

Click   on  my “STORE BUTTON” and see all the other items I now have  for sale –  including ALOT of quality jewelry and gifts for the Christmas Holidays.

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Now You Can Have Any Picture Printed Wholesale on any of over 800 items – for home or business!

Professionals or Amateurs or Hobbyists

Anyone can use this to print anything you want at wholesale prices- Family Pics, favorite scenes~ Make all types of items with your pictures to make Christmas gifts~! Over 800 printable items to choose from –

Limited Edition 1-100 being auctioned thru Ebay Giving Works to benefit relief efforts ongoing in the Philippines

Limited Edition being auctioned thru Ebid 

Just select item & upload your picture to get a visual representation of what your item will look like – then click and buy if you want or share URL to friends that may want to buy your pics and you can make money easily with nothing to put out in advance.

I own the site franchise so I set it all to ‘wholesale’ to make it available to anyone wanting to make quality print items and save money at same time .

Check & compare to other print sites to see how much cheaper it is to make quality items at a fraction of the cost~!

THEN POST THEM ON FACEBOOK Groups & Pages and on:

YOU do the MARK UP to RETAIL when SELLING your items~!

Ave aka Art Rave

Spring Previews & Art Products at ArtRAveSuperCenter


Over 800+ types of items on hundreds of different artworks by many artists~





Click any pic for a closer look~!





Assorted Size Prints :click any image

16 x 20 20 x 24
12x 18 Calendars

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ArtRave SuperCenter meets super needs of any emerging online Artist wanting to Print Art & Photos on Products!

Using Silverlight software compatible programming its now easier than ever to upload a picture from your computer to create any of over 584 art products for home, gifts and office~!


I just made this messenger bag with a photo of my artwork in under 3 minutes~!

Whether its a family portrait, a favorite place, a sunset or a painting, you can now go directly into ArtRaveSuper Center’s Make-Your-Own

and within minutes see your pic on stretch canvas, cards, clocks, shower curtains, watches, jewelry, t-shirts, and so many more things~!Image

I am having alot of fun using the product creator and  making new art products to sell with my own artwork on them~! It is amazing how fast it is and I like the option to be able to custom order a piece and have it sent to a friend as a gift or to have a piece made to fulfill and auction sale~!

There are so many possibilities on what you  can do at www.ArtRaveSuperCenter.com~!

While you can  always use for the site for  personal or one time use, you can also open a free store to store your creations for future orders and sales~!

If you are an artist and want to offer your art to the public  for sale

where you can set the prices

and have a retail store of your own,

simply register at ArtRave SuperCenter

and select the type of store you would like~!

You can have a free store just as you do on any POD site, but you will earn more money in sales since our prices are below wholesale in most scenarios and always lower than any other POD store site  like CP, Zaz…,Fine ArtA… and so on.

cigarette lighter brentonI created www.ArtRavesupercenter.comI know because I am an artist and have been selling online for nearly 10 years.

Since I began selling at most of  the other PODs [still waiting for my roylties ]and still have stores there,  I created this network site  to

enable artists to be able to create less expensive products that will appeal to the public,

while being able to get a much higher royalty on anything you offer for sale.~!

Join me at :

http://www.ArtRave.com  [promo art site]


http://www.ArtRaveSuperCenter.com [ where you can create art products for home or office & even have your own store~!]

So come visit us today. Take a peek at my art products creations or see if you want to make some of your own~!

Watches watch Square Metal Watch watch purple plasrtic sport brenton watch heart brenton wallets long sunset teddy bear brenton sleeping mask brenton poppies 4x4 stretch Poker Chip Guard pencil case brenton playing cardsmoney clip cz brentonmouse

Birthday coincides with opening of NEW Art & Photo Printing Center~!

Thankyou for all the Birthday wishes everybody 🙂


I really appreciate making it through yet another year and with my focus in developing my http://www.ArtRave .com –  which is promoting ‘family values’ in art online ~ I have  now opened its companion fulfillment site  ~

http://www.ArtRaveSuperCenter.com wher artists & ANYONE can go and select from over 584+ art related printable products that you simply upload a pic & your product is created within

48 hrs and on its way to where you want it to go~!

As the Distributor/Wholesaler of this site I am able to make everything less expensive  than EVERY POD out there  while not sacrificing qualuity  but with can offer you all the same or better quality than most other PODs~!


This has been the beginning of the realization of a dream I have had to help other artists online , in as much as I have been promoting family friendly artists online now for the passed several  years ,  I can now offer them the best place  in the world to have their art produced at for sale.


Great day for a birthday 🙂 Great day for ArtRave with ArtRave SuperCenter now being born 🙂


Thankyou to all ArtRave Artists & Supporters ~!

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou~!!!

Relaxed day taking a break from my data entry work on www.ArtRaveSuperCenter.com &www.ArtRave.com both sites I own & operate so they they consume most of my time as they grow. yesterday AR surpassed 100,000th page views & this week we shall reach our 50,000th unique visitor~!!

Developing AR2 [SuperCenter sales of over 584 customizable items] & interlinking with my AR! [ArtRave] Promotionals is only the start of now bringing Family Friendly artists together with the public – worldwide- enabling decency in art with family values to join the ranks of the art world community, setting us apart, being unique, taking a stand against depravity that permeates most of the art world today.

Conservative, christian-based standards, beholding to none, ArtRave & ArtRave SuperCenter are a part of a vision being realized.

Having my ArtRave sites surge as they are joined together, now over these passed few days, being now that its my birthday, have only added more significance to me as an artist and art promoter and artist helping other artists worldwide, to present their art and art products that stand approved, suitable for all ages and viewing audiences and now as of this week, can be purchased on my new AR2 at below the price of any POD online~!

Together with other like minded, moral minded, family friendly artists worldwide, we now have at our fingertips a way to help place our art into the homes of those who likewise want to have their homes, offices and businesses display art that also reflects their own moral standards in their communities.

Let all who buy ArtRave Art know that they are not only buying art & art products but also making a statement that , yes, we do believe making a n the difference choosing right over wrong, good over evil, refusing ro compromise and co-exit even online, not displaying our art alongside any evil or deviant art.

Anyone coming to ArtRave.com will see a wide variety of art works available to the public – but will not see a cross in urine, will not see [‘NEA’s] approved trash, will not see anything that dishonors God or His people.

All Art on ArtRave can be shown to children to parents, to friends, to anyone as all our art celebrates the creativity of artists without any negative agendas.

All art is positive, uplifting and stress relieving~!While up til now I have been searching for art and artists that work within the guidelines of a similar standard in doing their art.

ArtRave has now achieved what many religions and political views have not.ArtRave transcends both politics and religion , focusing on inner core values of individual artists and viewers – sharing a common thread – common human decency – common concern for fellow man – common choice to create postiive beautiful art that while done in each artist’s own unique styles, reflect the glory of God’s creation and celebrate life, liberty and freedom worldwide.

Seeing this all come together, now on my 59th birthday, make this to be my most memorable day and I thank all those who have been a part of it and all those who have supported the concept of it and all those who have helped it to become a reality.

We are #1 in Google

We are in the Top 1% endorsed for Art in the USA

Thankyou all and please visit my www.ArtRaveSuperCenter.com ‘s Design-Your-Own and see all the many wonderful things you can create just fom your own photos~!! Pre-launch specials now include making canvas prints of photos at below wholesale prices~ I want to see people using this great opportunity that was presented to me and that I can now share with the world.

You can create and ship any of over 584 items made from your own photos – iphone cases, cups, ties, shirts, clocks, watches, jewelry, decorations, and so much more to use for unique personalized gifts and so much more.

I am excited to be able to finally make a way for artists and the public to obtain the art they have been searching for on products they can afford.

Wow, am I focused on my work, mission and purpose, or what? LOL